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By law children must start statutory education full time from the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. At Flitcham children may start school in the September of the school year in which they are five.

Children usually are expected to attend full time from the beginning of their time in school. However, the wishes of parents/ carers are taken into consideration.

In the event of over-subscription the following allocation criteria will be used…
1 Children in public care; first priority will be given to looked after children
2 Children with a statement of special educational needs
3 Children who have siblings on the school’s role on the date of the pupil’s admission.
4 Children of practising Anglicans, whose commitment to the Church of England is confirmed  in writing by a religious minister.
The shortest distance to travel to the school. (measured as the crow flies)
The official maximum number of admission agreed by the Governing Body is 15.


All children are expected to be in school by 8.45am. Children arriving after 8:55am should notify the office of their late arrival so they can be registered. Any child who arrives after this time will be marked late. In case of illness the Academy should be contacted by 9.30am by telephone, a personal visit or letter.

Attendance 2016-2017
Number on role 73 (compulsory school age)
96.1 Attendance
0% persistent Absence

Bad Weather

Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to close the Academy because of severe weather problems or other emergencies. The Academy will only be closed as a last resort, and the times when this actually happens are rare.

Before deciding upon closure the following considerations are made:

  • Are access roads safe?
  • Are there on-site hazards?
  • Will there be enough staff to supervise?
  • Can a reasonable temperature be maintained?
  • Are toilet facilities and water operational?

Guidelines we follow:

  • Should it be necessary to close the Academy during the day we will telephone parents.
  • If we are unable to contact parents we will keep the child at school until normal time.
  • If there are serious weather problems- floods, storms or snow, the Headteacher will inform Norfolk County Council and local radio stations of the decision.
  • Parents are advised to listen to local radio stations: BBC Norfolk, KLFM or North Norfolk Radio, where updated lists of schools closing will be read at regular intervals and check Norfolk County Council’s website Select ‘Emergency school Closures’ from the list on the right for a regular updated list of school closures.

Term Dates



If you are unhappy about any aspect of your child’s education or experience at school, you should first make an appointment to see the class teacher. We hope that by discussing concerns with the class teacher they may be resolved. However, if you are still unhappy and wish to take the matter further you should make an appointment to see the Headteacher.

If, after discussions with the Headteacher, the matter is still unresolved, you should inform the Headteacher you wish to make a formal complaint. You will be given guidance on how to make a formal complaint, in writing to the Chair of Governors

Disabled Access

If you have any questions about disabled access please call us before you visit. We have a disabled parking space as well as various entrances, some of which are wheelchair friendly.


Parents play a vital role in their child’s education and homework is an important part of this progress. We ask parents to oversee the tasks but encourage their children to complete homework tasks on their own. Parents can help their children by providing an environment that allows a child to do their best by giving them a quiet working space, discussing it with them and by visiting the local library or giving access to the internet.

Children will be given homework every Friday. Every child is encouraged to read at home each evening from the books provided. Whilst teachers will ensure that home reading books are at the appropriate level, they will use other books and reading material in school each day to teach children to read.

End of KS Results

KS1 Summary Report – Click to download

KS2 Summary Report – Click to download

Phonics Report – Click to download

EYFS Summary – Click to download

KS1 results 2015

School 2015

Norfolk 2015

National 2015

L2+ L2B+ L3+ L2+ L2B+ L3+ L2+ L2B+ L3+
Reading 100% 88% 31% 91% 88% 31% 89% 79% 29%
Writing 94% 81% 25% 88% 71% 17% 85% 67% 15%
Maths 94% 88% 25% 93% 81% 25% 91% 78% 23%

KS2 results 2015

School 2015

Norfolk 2015

National 2015
L4+ L4B+ L5+ L6+ L4+ L4B+ L5+ L4+ L4B+ L5+ L6+
Reading 100% 89% 56% 0% 87% 76% 45% 89% 75% 48% 0%
Grammar/punctuation 89% 78% 67% 0% 74% 66% 48% 80% 73% 56% 0%
Writing-TA 100% 33% 0% 84% 32% 83% 36% 0%
Maths 78% 67% 56% 22% 84% 73% 38% 87% 77% 42% 0%
Reading/writing/maths 78% 67% 22% 0% 75% 67% 21% 80% 69% 24% 0%

Making 2 levels progress from KS1-2

School – 89%
Norfolk – 88%
National – 91%

School – 100%
Norfolk – 91%
National – 94%

School – 78%
Norfolk – 86%
National – 90%

A L6 nationally was awarded to 2,178 children but as a % rounds to 0%.

DfE School Performance Tables Website

Medicine in School

Children who have prescribed inhalers for asthma are asked to keep them in their school bags. Academy staff will not administer any medication unless agreed in a medical care plan.

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Safe use of Images

The Governors have agreed to adopt the DNEAT policy for Use of Safe Images in school. Parents will be advised if photographs are being taken in school and will be asked to give permission for the use of any images.

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SEND Local Offer

Click here to read the Flitcham SEND Local Offer

Staff List

Jane Gardener
Amanda Dodson
Anna Clutterham
Jo Carlton
Gail Sewell
Amy Cressingham
Joanne Carlton
Alexis Smith
Beth Casely
Melissa Morgan
Karen Leadley
Executive Headteacher
Head of School / Class Teacher
Class Teacher
Class Teacher
Class Teacher (Part time)
Class Teacher
Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant (Maternity leave)
Learning Support Assistant
School Secretary

Staff Training

All staff are involved in the school professional development programme which is linked to the School’s Improvement Plan. Staff hold weekly meetings and attend high quality training to enable us to maintain high standards.


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