Flitcham Assessment

Flitcham’s Approach to Assessment

With the introduction of the New National Curriculum in September 2014, the government decided to remove assessment levels using 2c, 2b,2a etc that we are all familiar with and allow schools to develop their own ways of assessing children’s progress.

We still need however to assess progress and achievement against the National Curriculum and at Flitcham we wanted to keep the good practice in our academy and have given great consideration to what is a Flitcham approach.

The National Curriculum sets out what children are expected to know, understand and learn. It is set out in year groups and for each year group there is a series of statements for each subject describing what teachers must teach and more importantly what children should learn. We are using these statements in English and mathematics to assess each child’s progress against age-related expectations. This ensures teachers use assessment information to help teachers plan what they teach to deepen children’s learning or move it forward.

We are now using the phrases – working below age related expectations, working at age related expectations and working above age related expectations to describe children’s progress against the statements for each year group. By the end of the year most children will be assessed as working at an ‘expected level’ within the age related expectations. Some may be assessed as working above expected level for their year -and some may not achieve ‘expected’ standards there for will be assessed as working below. Children will be assessed if they are accurate, quick and can apply what they have been taught and if they are achieving 80% of the year group statements at the end of a year.

Teacher’s assessments of the children’s achievements and progress are measured through a range of ways including discussions with children, work in class books, tests in reading and mathematics. These all build a picture of what children can do.

Children are also be given an assessment booklet to enable them to be aware of their achievements, what their next steps of learning are and be part of their assessment process.
In EYFS there has been no change in the end of year assessments – yet! From September 2015 Flitcham children will be assessed using the Early Excellence Baseline Assessment during their first 6 weeks in school.

Parents are always offered a time to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher three time during each academic year. At the end of each year children take home a full report detailing progress and achievements across the curriculum.