Daily Life

The Academy Day
Children may arrive from 8.35 when they are supervised in the playground by a member of staff.

Begining of the Day

Morning Break

Lunch Time

Get Active Time

End of the Day


10:15 – 10:30

12:00 – 1:00

2:00 – 2:15


After School Clubs
Flitcham offers a wide range of extra curricular activities outside lesson times. These are dependant on the children’s interests and over the year can include cooking, gardening, art, dance, speed stacking, fencing and a variety of sports. There is usually a small charge per session.

Breakfast Club
We offer a breakfast club every morning from 7:30 until 8:30. Children are provided breakfast, supervised by members of staff, and enjoy the social time together before school starts.

Collective Worship
There is daily Collective Worship for every child which reflects the fact that we are a Church of England Academy. Themes promote the teaching of Christian values and are taken from the Old and New Testaments and from other religions. The children are encouraged to consider ‘the bigger question’; their thoughts, words and deeds in relation to people and the world around them. Our Rector, Father Jonathon, leads assemblies on Thursdays.

We also visit our village church regularly to take communion and to celebrate special festivals such as Christmas. Everyone is welcome to join us. Each year we are privileged to be invited to join her Majesty the Queen at the Prize Giving Service at West Newton Church.

As a parent you have the right to withdraw your child from Collective Worship.

Academy Lunches
Hot dinners can be ordered for the week or odd days, but the correct money should be sent in a named purse or envelope at the beginning of the week. At present meals cost £2.10 per day.  Any family who feels they may be eligible for free meals should speak to Mrs. Karen Leadley.

Partnership with Parents
We are committed to working with parents and carers in a positive partnership at all stages of your child’s education.

The Academy is dedicated to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with you and share information about your child’s progress and actively seek your support and involvement in our work.

When your child joins our Academy you will be invited to an informal meeting where you will be given information about Academy life and offered an opportunity for a Home/Academy visit where there will be an opportunity to share information about your child with their teacher.

A Home-Academy Agreement is given to all new parents and children.

Celebrating the Royal Wedding with all the community

“Celebrating the Royal Wedding with all the community”

There many opportunities for families to come in and ‘learn’ alongside their children during ‘Family Links’ sessions and family clubs after school.

You are also very welcome to join us for special family lunches and our Friday morning ‘sharing assemblies’.

Community Links
At Flitcham we have strong links with local primary and high schools, enabling us to take part in inter-school sports, science, maths and music activities and develop staff skills.

We hold services and end of year celebrations in our local church and many visitors are welcomed into the academy, including theatre groups, orchestras, scientists, sports coaches and artists.

Local businesses support us and are very generous when fund raising for equipment. The community policy officer, road safety advisor, academy nurse and local residents support the teaching staff in class work on particular topics throughout the year.

Children from the academy support the community by taking part in local events such as art exhibitions, music festivals, local church services and charities.

We are really lucky to have a fantastic PTA, (Parent Teacher Association) who organise many fun family events and raise huge amounts of money for the academy!

Extended Care
If you require after or before school care, please ask in the office and we can suggest several child minders.