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British Values

Learning Together

At Flitcham Church of England Primary Academy we want our children to become responsible active citizens who participate in democracy and public life with respect for diversity and a commitment to working towards greater community cohesion.

We want our children to be life-long learners, who are excited by challenges and have a love of acquiring new skills and knowledge. We want to equip our children for the future and are prepared to be innovative and bold in our curriculum delivery. Furthermore we recognise the need for consistency and the building of children’s understanding. Our units of work are carefully designed to develop a child’s level of skill and knowledge day by day, week by week, year on year. It is this relentless drive for excellence and the partnership with parents that promotes outstanding achievement.

At Flitcham Church of England Academy our broad and balanced curriculum is flexible, creative and fun and allows every child equal opportunity to learning; reflecting staff, parents, Governors and above all children’s vision of what should be taught and how, it is a more creative, cross curricular approach including an extended curriculum – a greater use of the community to ensure It is organised into integrated topics or themes and links are made wherever possible to other subjects and real life experiences.

Personal, Social, Health Education, Citizenship and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of life are woven into our curriculum, emphasising the difference between right and wrong and respecting and tolerating differences in a very diverse and modern Britain.

We are passionate about giving our children ownership of their learning and support our children in succeeding by ensuring learning and teaching is matched to children’s preferred learning styles and is differentiated to match their abilities and challenge their learning. We want our children to be outstanding in all areas, and constantly review our curriculum to ensure it provides the motivation, skills and the level of challenge to achieve this aim.

High emphasis is placed on the sports curriculum both within the school day and as extra- curricular opportunities. We participate in a wide range of tournaments and festivals throughout the year. Focused themed days and weeks are exciting times where the whole school community is involved in various aspects of learning such as promoting healthy life styles, keeping safe, diversity awareness and British values.

Our curriculum fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum