Childrens Views

In September 2015 we all joined together to discuss what we thought of our school, what we valued and wanted to keep and look at areas we could improve.

Children were asked what they felt had gone well during year and what had helped with their learning:

  • ‘We learn and have fun at the same time on trips’ Y5
  • ‘Swimming, sailing and archery give us new skills’ …’some of us have continued new sports after school’ Y6
  • Planetarium coming into school helps us understand difficult things Y^ (Planetarium was requested by group of children
  • After school clubs – ‘we enjoy doing things together Y2 (children appreciated that they all live in dispersed places)
  • Music – ‘helps develop confidence and co-operation’ – helped to develop familiarity with High School
  • Confident about transition to High school as they had taught things to help them
  • Y6 jobs have been good and allowed them to help the school community and get used to work –Y6
  • ‘phonics makes you learn to read’ YR
  • ‘All the children are friendly’ Y1
  • ‘new children are welcomed’ Y4 Y2

Children felt we could develop this year:

  • Areas in the curriculum – History Y4 DT Y6 PE Y2
  • All children expressed desire to learn Computing
  • Continuing Cycling proficiency
  • Develop use of outside area
  • Children in KS2 would like extended writing opportunities